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VR and AR technologies encourage customers to buy

le tecnologie VR e AR spingono
i consumatori ad acquistare.

Live memorable experiences

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immersive storytelling


“BE IN STORE” is a process that starts with customer engagement, then continues inside the store and ends in post-experience involvement. ”In store” isn’t just about coming into a physical shop, it also gives the sense of anticipation for the future.

Our promise is this: something exciting is in store for you!

Drive to Store

Virtual and augmented reality help brands create memorable experiences, bridging the gap between online shopping and brick and mortar. The journey begins in the the store, but continues through dynamics for loyalty and rewards.

More Performance

Immersive technologies are engaging tools that can capture new targets and enhance performance. VR creates a totally immersive parallel world, while AR interacts with and enhances your surroundings.

Get Clients!

The true opportunity with “Be in store” is the direct, empathetic and continual relationships it helps establish with customers. A VR experience generates a viral effect, because anyone who tries it will want to talk about it and share the excitement.


  • Engage

  • Experience

  • Viralize

  • Reward

The wow factor produced by virtual reality generates strong reactions that immediately spark word of mouth. When a users lives a VR experience, there are no distractions and no contact with the outside world, and this makes for an all-encompassing experience. Having a user’s undivided attention is a unique opportunity for brands to create a fanbase and gather useful data.

Behind the scene

  • Engage

  • Edu experience

  • Play

  • Reward

The best way to engage potential and current customers is to produce an unveiling process that customers want to take part in. For a brand that wants to get closer to its customers, using immersive technology means breaking down barriers, providing useful information in real time, and generating useful data on perceptions and opinions about the product.

Vr Ar at home

  • Augmented pack

  • Experience at home

  • Reward

  • Store

Our solution is a VR/AR package that gives users a unique experience from the comfort of their own home. A branded cardboard headset or AR tool also creates a physical connection with the brand’s values and products.

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